3 Reasons to Buy a Used Subaru from Us

Lots of dealerships try to sell used Subaru models. Outbacks are popular, Imprezas are pretty common, and even a few Crosstreks. But why should you buy a used Subaru vehicle from us at Subaru of Rochester instead of a from a Honda, Toyota, or Ford dealership? Here are three reasons:

1. Subaru of Rochester (and other Subaru dealerships) have OEM-trained technicians with extensive experience working on Subaru vehicles. 

2. We have a lifetime warranty that covers engines, transmissions, drivetrains, AND seals and gaskets. We are convinced it is certainly the best warranty in town. Most used Subarus under 80,000 miles and newer than 11 years old come with this warranty at no cost to you. Lifetime Warranty vehicles also come with 1 year of free maintenance. We also give you free car washes for ANY vehicle that you buy from us.

3. When you buy a car from us, you are starting a professional relationship with us, not concluding it. We will continue to be involved in your community, we will always answer questions about your car, and we will always welcome you and your dog to stop by and visit anytime. 

Contact one of our Product Specialists and learn for yourself why our used Subarus are such high quality. We constantly strive to maintain a large percentage of Certified Pre-Owned Subaru models at all times, because we know these certified vehicles are highly sought after and unavailable from anywhere else.
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