Subaru Loves Pets

Our team here at Subaru of Rochester loves our pets. Dogs, cats, and every other type of creature that lives in our home. That is just a typical trait of the Subaru community. Here at the store, we even have some outdoor pets in our geese, ducks, and lately—grasshoppers!!

Did you know that 67% of Subaru owners have pets, and that 50% of Subaru owners have dogs? When Subaru of America was working on their branding and marketing strategy, they realized that their loyal customers absolutely love their pet dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, snakes, squirrels, and salamanders. So, Subaru decided to start supporting pet-centered organizations. They started creating products and events with pets in mind. They started connecting with their customers over a shared bond and passion.

We try to integrate our best friends into life here at the dealership whenever we can. We just relocated our dog park to be closer to our pond, situated on some nice grace instead of the pea-gravel from before. We anticipate that this location will be more enjoyable for both humans and dogs. It really is quite nice to be close to the pond while your dog can sniff around off-leash.

For the month of October, we have some FREEBIES for our customers. Stop by our showfloor and you will find a pile of Subaru plush toys,--COMPLETE with a squeeker inside. Some of our team claims their dogs can rip the noise maker out of the toy in less than 5 seconds.

If you are interested in getting one of these dog toys, all you have to do is bring in some kind of donation for an animal shelter. You can bring in new items such as pet food, collars, leashes, towels, blankets, grooming supplies, food and water bowls, toys, treats, and cleaning supplies. Bring your dog along to make a donation and snap a photo of them inside out dog house cut-out.

So, make sure you get your Subaru ready for winter sometime this October, and check out our dog park and grab a chew toy. Remember, Subaru Loves pets, so we want to see your dog as well! Make sure you snap a photo with your pup when you’re here, and make sure you tag us in it.

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