Subaru of Rochester is committed to serving every single customer that walks through our doors.    

If you need a safe, reliable vehicle, 
we can always help you out. 

Our lenders include some of the oldest, most reputable companies who offer auto loans to people with no credit, low credit, or bad credit. 

We can help you purchase a vehicle if you have a 600, 500, or even 400 credit score. 
And the best part? You get an opportunity to rebuild your credit by making consistent, on-time payments on this loan. 

We want to help you by giving you an opportunity to rebuild your credit, because we want to have you eventually come back to us and purchase a vehicle with the best loan terms available. We want to see you succeed.

      1.    You WILL get approved for an auto loan. 
      2.    You will get a high quality vehicle
      3.    You will have an extraordinary buying experience
      4.    You will have the chance to rebuild credit through your auto loan

Contact us and see how we can help, treating you with the same respect and care as we treat every customer that walks through our doors. 

One of our Finance Managers will discuss your situation with you and have you fill out an application. Then, they'll contact you and help you figure out options to move forward. 

We have dedicated lenders that work with poor credit and can guarantee a credit approval on a safe, reliable vehicle--many of which are backed by our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. 

You can purchase a vehicle from the same selection we offer to customers with perfect credit, and we don't sell low-quality vehicles. 

That's our promise: to help you Love What You Drive, regardless of your credit.