Lifetime Powertrain Warranty FAQ

Every New. Every CPO. Most Pre-Owned.

What is a Powertrain?

A powertrain includes the most important parts of a vehicle that make it move. Without a functioning powertrain, your vehicle will not be able to move.

Specific parts include the engine, transmission/transfer case, drive axle, and other internally lubricated parts.

What does our warranty cover?

Our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty covers the cost of repairs for mechanical breakdown or failure of these parts. This means it covers the cost of parts and labor, including the cost of fluids and taxes. If your engine or transmission happens to go out, this will significantly reduce the cost of repair or replacement. (See deductible FAQ below)

Which vehicles include this warranty?

While most dealerships (including those in Rochester) only offer a lifetime warranty on new vehicles, we include this on EVERY new Subaru, EVERY Certified Pre-Owned Subaru, and on MOST Pre-Owned Vehicles* purchases.

See an exclusion list here, or contact a Product Specialist to ask if a specific vehicle qualifies

Does it cover seals and gaskets?

Yes it does!

Is there a deductible?

Yes. You will be responsible for the first $100.00 of covered repairs.

Do I have to have to have routine maintenance performed at Subaru of Rochester?

We like to have you bring your vehicle to us for your service so we can have our factory trained technicians do what they do best: take care of your vehicle. However, as long as your Subaru recommended maintenance is performed by a licensed repair facility and you keep the records and receipts, you maintain your warranty coverage.

Do I have to have warranty repairs done at Subaru of Rochester?

When you service with us, we keep records of your maintenance and make sure you do not miss any factory recommended items. We will ultimately make sure you maintain your Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

You DO have the option to service elsewhere. Service must be performed by licensed repair facility and you must keep every receipt of those maintenance visits.

Can I perform routine maintenance myself?

For most customers, no. There are two specific reasons:

1. Service needs to be done by licensed technician.

2. You must keep factory recommended maintenance history and receipts.

If you are a licensed technician and have a formal record keeping system, you may do your own oil changes. Otherwise, there is no way to verify your qualifications or record-keeping.

Are there mileage or time limitations?

No there are not. You’ll be covered for as many miles you drive and as many years you plan to keep your vehicle.

Can I transfer this warranty?

Our Lifetime Powertain Warranty is non-transferable.

Our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty is one of the benefits of doing business with us. If you sell the vehicle to someone else, then they are not doing business with us.

However, you are free to provide your own warranty to anyone who buys a vehicle from you!

How does this Lifetime Powertrain Warranty apply if there is an existing warranty on a vehicle?

Our lifetime warranty provides coverage after all existing warranties expire. The Manufacturer’s Warranty comes first, then any Certified Pre-owned warranties, then the Powertrain warranty.

How do I prevent voiding this warranty?

1. Follow the standardized preventative maintenance schedules to within 1500 miles and/or 30 days from the recommended intervals.

2. Address any powertrain issues as soon as they present themselves (the warranty will cover them).

3. Check with us before doing any modifications or making any changes to your vehicle.

*In order for a Pre-Owned vehicle to qualify, it must be fewer than 8 years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles.

**We do not offer our lifetime powertrain warranty on luxury makes, European makes, or exotic vehicles.