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Love What You Drive: Our Promise to You

Everyone should love what they drive. Our promise is that we will do everything in our power to help you find, buy, and maintain your vehicle, so you can love what you drive for as long as you own it.

It all starts with finding the right vehicle and beginning your ownership journey. There are six things we provide to help you get started:

  • 7-day Return/Exchange
  • One Year of Free Maintenance
  • Penz Lifetime Powertrain Warranty
  • Efficient Use of Your Time
  • Find the Right Vehicle for You
  • Extraordinary Experience, Always

7-day Return/Exchange

New vehicles, certified pre-owned, and most pre-owned vehicles all come with a 7-day return policy. Any vehicles in our Budget+ program have a 1-day return policy.

For new vehicles, you have 7-days and 200-miles to change your mind. If there was something we missed or if your life situation changes on a dime, bring your vehicle back. We don't want you to be stuck with something you don't love!

Used vehicles have a 7-day, 300-mile return policy. We work hard to make sure every used vehicle we sell is the best around. But again, if you change your mind, just let us know and bring the vehicle back. We'll find something else for you!

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and Year of Free Maintenance

As part of Penz Automotive Group, we are one of the only dealerships in Rochester, MN to offer a lifetime powertrain warranty on our used vehicles. Yes, you can get a lifetime warranty on a pre-owned car! If there are major defects or catastrophic failures to 'internally lubricated parts' (that's how it's defined) we'll cover repairs less a small deductible.

Our Penz Lifetime Powertrain Warranty for your vehicle is included on every new vehicle we sell at any of our stores. It is also included on the vast majority of our used vehicles, including used vehicles that meet the following requirements: under 80,000 miles, 8 years old or newer, and not European, luxury, diesel, or specialty models.

All of our vehicles with the Penz Lifetime Powertrain Warranty ALSO include a whole year of maintenance on us. That's your first two oil changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. You don't have to worry about a thing for the first year you own your vehicle.

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Extraordinary Experience and Customer Service

Our goal is to help you love your vehicle. We train all our people to take good care of you and to help you find what you need, so you can save time deciding on your next vehicle. While our goal is to help you with your vehicle, we've found that people who have a bad experience buying a good car don't enjoy the car as much.

When you buy or service with us, we'll make the whole experience simple, seamless, and enjoyable. Your vehicle experience won't be tainted by a stressful buying process, so whenever you get in that driver's seat, all you feel is good.

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