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We want you to have a custom tailored, 
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Chose the Product Specialist who will work best with you. 

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Luis Velez

About Luis

Positivity, enthusiasm, and friendliness. Luis is quick to start up a conversation and often shares his fancy snacks. Bilingual and experienced, he will be sure to make your buying experience fun and laid back.

Call Luis if you need to purchase a vehicle and he'll take care of you.

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Willie Young

About Willie

Willie is the music expert of our team. He writes, records and produces his own work and helps educate the younger staff on good music. He has two kids and a lovely wife. Willie likes working hard and getting things done, and also Arizona Arnold Palmer tea!

Give him a call when you're ready for a test drive!

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Esad Mujic

About Esad

Esad's favorite color is blue and he LOVES spaghetti. That's what he originally said in his bio video. While he is always lots of fun and makes great movie references (one in particular), he is very efficient in the vehicle search process and he knows how to figure out what you'll love to drive.

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Elliott Norwood

About Elliott

Elliott is one of the most professional Specialists in town. He has a deep understanding of many makes and models and he knows what people want in a vehicle and in their buying experience. Contact Elliott if you are looking for expert guidance in choosing your next vehicle.

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Alex Proell

About Alex

Alex is a calm straight-forward specialist. He is good at getting to the root of the problem and helping customers figure out what exactly they are looking for. Like most at our dealership, Alex is a dog lover and a big fan of soccer.

Give him a call if you're in the market!

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Max Kundert

About Max

Max is high energy and very personable. He can get along with anyone and will make your shopping experience enjoyable. Max loves soccer and plays on the Rochester Football Club team, and he has a dog named Ray Charles. If you're lucky, Max might show you some of his dance moves--or better yet, let you hear Ray Charles make sweet music!

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Shawn San

About Shawn

Shawn came over from Mayo Clinic to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He loves understanding customers and brings a wealth of experience to the team. Shawn is a big Subaru fan and drives sweet a 2005 2.5RS Impreza. Give him a call if you love Subaru!!

(p.s. He knows a lot about other makes and models as well!)

Contact Shawn



Chad Bjorkman

About Chad

Chad is a Rochester native (John Marshall High School) and has been in the automotive industry for three years. He has a dog named, Michon and likes to take her on walks. Chad is committed to providing the best experience possible for his customers, whether they are ready to buy today or not.

Send him an email with your questions!

Contact Chad



Carlton Lokken

About Carlton

Carlton loves the outdoors and his dog does too. Carlton always has a great attitude and persists until an issue is resolved. He's good at listening and you will appreciate working with him.

Contact him if you're ever in the market for a vehicle!

Contact Carlton



Julio Molina

About Julio

Julio has been in the car business for several years and he is fully committed to customer service. He puts in the time and gets to know his customers so he can best guide them to the perfect vehicle they'll love to drive.

Stop by and see him anytime!

Contact Julio



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