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If you’re looking for a specific part for your Subaru vehicle, let Subaru of Rochester help.

We offer genuine Subaru parts for sale, whether you’re working on your brakes, transmission, steering, HVAC, electrical, or engine and cooling systems. We also sell genuine Subaru accessories, too.

Shop the genuine Subaru parts and accessories site to order parts today, and contact our parts center at (888) 541-4718 if you have any questions or need help locating a specific item.

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Subaru of Rochester Subaru OEM Parts

Keep your Subaru in top condition by using parts designed specifically for your Subaru vehicle. You’ll get an exact fit plus the Subaru quality and performance you can rely upon. While you may have choices in the marketplace, you’ll never go wrong with a part or accessory that’s been engineered just like the parts that were installed at the factory.

Available parts and accessories include:

  • Remote start systems
  • Cabin and engine air filters
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Wiper blades
  • Headlights
  • Fluids and coolants

Subaru of Rochester Subaru Forester Parts

Are you looking for a fender, front bumper, or suspension system for your recent model year or older Subaru Forester? How about a master cylinder for your braking system, or a front shock absorber? Search the genuine Subaru parts database to locate the part you need and contact the Subaru of Rochester parts team at (888) 541-4718 if you need any help.

Subaru of Rochester Subaru Outback Parts

Continue to enjoy the off-roading and adventure-seeking rides you love to do in your Subaru Outback with genuine replacement parts that help keep your vehicle in top running order. Search the genuine Subaru parts database for such items as rear suspension, anti-lock brakes, mudguards, roof rails, or differentials for your Outback wagon.

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Claim one of our current parts specials to save on your next parts purchase through Subaru of Rochester.

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Subaru of Rochester Benefits of OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you choose a genuine Subaru replacement part, you not only get quality design, a right fit, and optimal performance, but also you gain added confidence knowing that you’re installing a part or component that was designed specifically for use in your Subaru vehicle. All genuine Subaru parts have been approved by Subaru ― and they’re backed by a Subaru of America replacement parts limited warranty.

Subaru of Rochester OEM Subaru Parts Warranty

Get unlimited mile/one-year warranty protection when you purchase a genuine Subaru replacement part or accessory from Subaru of Rochester. Learn more about the warranty and feel free to call our parts department at (888) 541-4718 if you have any questions.

Could Aftermarket Parts Void My Warranty?

Not necessarily. An aftermarket part cannot void your warranty, unless our service and repair technicians can prove the part or component led to the repairs you need on your vehicle. In other words, you won’t be denied warranty coverage for using an aftermarket part that did not cause the need for repair.

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Subaru of Rochester Subaru Accessories for Sale

Outfit your Subaru the way you like it with genuine Subaru accessories. Looking for splash guards for your Outback Touring? How about a new set of wheels for your Subaru Crosstrek? Or would you like to upgrade your audio system in your Forester? You’ll find these items and more ― like remote start systems and floor liners ― when you shop genuine Subaru accessories through Subaru of Rochester.

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